If I were to mention an anime which features Aria in its name, you’ll probably think of Aria the Scarlet Ammo and not Aria the Animation and its sequels. Aria the Animation is a slice of life anime which features living on Aqua (or Mars to us Earthlings/Manhomers) in the world of Neo Venezia. To fans of this old but extremely enjoyable show, a brand new series, Aria the Avvenire, has been announced and the new Promotional Video released at the official site.

For people who are new to the Aria series, it is a slice of life healing anime based of the manga by Kozue Amano that occurs in the world of Neo Venezia; a world where mankind has terraformed Mars into a planet covered with water in which Neo Venezia is built to resemble Venice with several of the landmarks in the anime actually existing. The anime also has a beautiful soundtrack that compliments the mood of the anime percectly. If you have not watched this anime yet, I would definitely advise you to take your time to finish it, so that you will be smitten with this world just when the new season premiers.

With the same cast as the previous series, we can look forward to hearing Aika’s trademark “Embarrassing remarks are banned” and Akari’s replies of “Eeeh”. However one of the worrying questions I am sure many fans will have is the role of Athena Glory whose seiyuu, Tomoko Kawakami has passed away in 2011 as the cast has remained unchanged since the last season.

In addition, the official site has announced a screening event on 26 Sep 2015, and the Blu-ray box for the whole Aria series has been confirmed. There’s not much we can do except await the charming world of Neo Venezia and be charmed by the beautiful visuals that this anime has to offer.