Assassination Classroom is currently one of the hottest ongoing titles today, be it manga or anime series. To further promote the anime adaptation, the franchise is teaming up with Seibu railways for a special Assassination Classroom train, which has already started transporting passengers around Tokyo.


Launched on 06 Apr 2015, this yellow-colored train is in bright yellow featuring the recognisable color of Koro-sensei. Even though this train cannot run (or fly) at speeds of mach-20, rest assured that this train will still get you to where you are going in time. The train also advertises the release of the anime’s Volume 1 Blu-ray and DVD releases.


The anime’s official twitter page, @ansatsu_anime, has also released several official photographs of the Assassination Classroom train transporting passengers throughout Tokyo.


These Assassination Classroom trains will run until 31 July 2015

source: Seibu Railways