Digimon Adventure Tri. is without a doubt, one of 2015’s most highly anticipated anime. However, eager fans would have to wait just a little while longer. It seems that the anime, which was originally scheduled for spring 2015, won’t be premiering in April along with all the other anime scheduled to premiere in spring.

According to the latest update in the official Digimon Adventure 15th Anniversary website, new details on Digimon Adventure Tri., which includes the broadcast details, the human voice cast, and a new PV, will be made in 6 May 2015. The website also updated with a new key visual featuring all eight partner Digimon, Palmon, Gabumon, Patamon, Tailmon, Piyomon, Gomamon, Tentomon, and Agumon.


The 6 May announcement broadcast will be made in NicoNico at 22:25 (10:45) pm after the Japanese streaming website streams a marathon of all the original Digimon Adventure episodes. The Digimon Adventure anime streaming marathon is scheduled to begin in 4 May.

Well, it seems that we may have to wait a little bit longer than most have expected, but then again, patience is a virtue Digimon fans, so hang in there