Brace yourselves idol anime fans, because we will be having a new idol anime tentatively titled ‘Venus Project’, and it’s going to star someone who was an actual idol, Sawako Hata formally of idol group SKE48.


Hata, who graduated from the idol group back in 2013, is now pursuing a career in voice acting. She has previously voiced Suzuko Kanzaki in the AKB0048 anime series as well as voicing bit roles in several other anime like Beyond the Boundary and Love Lab.


She will star alongside someone who is definitely no stranger to idol anime, Riho Iida, best known for voicing Rin Hoshizora in Love Live!


Newcomer Marika Hayase will also be joining the anime’s main cast. Hayase previously voiced Dancing in Tantei Kageki Milky Holmes TD.


Project Venus is still a tentative title for the series, planned to have six animated episodes and six live-action episodes. It is based on the upcoming Venus Project free-to-play card battle RPG for the PS Vita, which will be available for digital download in Japan from 21 April.

The anime’s story will be set in the same world as the game’s, which is in the future, where top idols battle one another in live performances through “Formula Venus“. Described as a “New Sensation Idol Story“, Formula Venus is scheduled to premiere in July 2015.

 source: Venus Project Official Blog