The first part of the [email protected] spin-off anime, Cinderella Girls, has finally ended, and its final episode has just announced the second season’s exact release date, which will be this 17 July 2015.


As mentioned in our previous article, there will be a rebroadcast of the first season of the original [email protected] anime during Spring 2015 season starting 17 April and it will be taking over the Cinderella Girls timeslot. After the rebroadcast in of the original anime’s first par, the 2nd season of Cinderella Girls will begin airing. The show will then continue until September, followed by the rebroadcast of the second part of the original [email protected] anime in October.


And [email protected] fans have even more reasons to celebrate this July, because it was announced that the next [email protected] concert, THE [email protected] [email protected] OF IDOL WORLD !! 2015, will be held over at the Seibu Prince Dome for two straight days. The concert will not only feature the seiyuus from the original series, the 765 Pro Allstars, but it will also be featuring the seiyuus from Cinderella Girls and the Million Live girls!


The concert will be held from 18 – 19 July, just a day after the premiere of Cinderella Girls season 2, so that will make it three days worth of [email protected] in a row! More information about this year’s concert will be announced in the days to come.

source: Dengeki Online