One of the biggest mysteries in the history of anime has now finally been solved as the official guestbook for the Naruto exhibition, Shinden Fuu no Sho, has followed up on the promise that it will reveal how Kakashi actually looks like behind that mask.


So how does Kakashi look like exactly? For one thing, as the filler episode centering on his mask suggests, he really is a bishounen.



Kakashi has a mole on his chin?! Who would have thought of that?! And you guys thought he had buck teeth, right?!


Take note that this is from an official guidebook from the Naruto exhibition, which opened last 25 April, and is illustrated by Naruto creator, Masashi Kishimoto himself, so it is safe to say that this reveal of Kakashi’s face is 100% official.

So what do you think of Kakashi’s real face? Is the mole a bit too much?

Source: Saiyan Island