It’s common for you to hear your favourite songs on the radio, but have you ever listened to music through a road? Well if you are an Evangelion fan who stays in (or is willing travel to) Hakone, your chance has arrived!


How is that possible you might ask? By utilising tactile vibration transmitted though the wheels into the car body, it is possible to listen to music off it. The car also has to be driving at a specific speed for the best effect. Although it sounds more like a distorted version of the music, you can still make out the tunes to it! Take a listen to this!

If you’re wondering which song you will hear when driving at Hakone, it is none other than the ever so popular “A Cruel Angel’s Thesis” the classic theme song from the anime. If you have never heard of this song before, you can check it out below.

With the addition of this musical road, even more Evangelion fans will definitely flock to Hakone to listen to this musical road. Let’s just hope the roads would not have any traffic jams to ruin this cool experience!