Trigger’s long-awaited Ninja Slayer From Animation will finally be making it’s long awaited premiere this 16 April. To further tease fans with this new over-the-top action anime, King Records has started streaming its latest promo video which previews Ninja Slayers path of vengeance

It was also announced that the anime will span two cours and will have 26 episodes, with each episode lasting approximately 15 minutes. According to the official Ninja Slayer website, the anime is shorter than the usual 22 minutes because the series really has a lot of action sequences and they are already packed tightly in that 15-minute time frame.


Ninja Slayer is based on the light novel series supposedly written by Americans Bradley Bond and Philip Ninj@ Morzez. It follows average salary man-turned-vengeful ninja assassin, Kenji Fujikido, who gets possessed by a mysterious ninja spirit. Fujikido’s family was killed in the crossfires of a ninja turf war in the city of Neo Saitama, and as he gets possessed, he turns into Ninja Slayer to exact some vengeance.

source: animeanime