With the rousing success of its previous One Piece REAL Escape Game titled “Escape from Impel Down”, SCRAP has announced that they will once again team up with Eichiro Oda’s beloved shounen manga series for a new REAL Escape Game titled “Escape from the War of the Best”.


“Escape from the War of the Best” will feature a different difficulty setting for families and kids, where players will take on the role of pirates as they try to escape the one of One Piece’s most decisive battles, the Battle of Marineford. This will be the first time SCRAP has toned down the difficulty for their REAL Escape Game series, which have been quite infamous for being difficult to solve. They will be providing easier puzzle kits for children as the “normal” difficulty might prove a bit too much for them.


SCRAP will begin this new One Piece REAL Escape Game on 19 June 2015 simultaneously at several locations, including the Tokyo Dome, the Yokohama Stadium, the Osaka Municipal Central Gymnasium, Sendai’s Rakuten Kobo Stadium, and Fukuoka’s Yahoo! Auctions Dome.


General admission will be at 3,800 yen for adults while children can enter for 2,200 yen. Well, it looks like SCRAP really wants kids to participate in this one, and hopefully, we get to see a few of them ace through the puzzles and obstacles.

source: animeanime