Last year, the Wixoss (pronounced Wi-cross) franchise made the world of trading card games a lot darker and edgier. During a Wixoss event held by Takara Tomy at the Ichikawa City Cultural Center, it was announced that the Selector Wixoss anime series will be getting itself a new animated movie.


With recurring themes that include bullying and incest, the Selector Wixoss anime has certainly made the trading card game genre a lot darker than it used to. According to the announcement, the Selector saga ain’t over yet so we might expect to hear a certain somebody scream BATTORU! once again with the newly-announced movie.


Introduced in April of last year, the Wixoss trading card game was launched along with the anime, which gained much critical acclaim and was considered the “Madoka Magica” of the trading card game genre. It revolves around the “selectors”, girls chosen to play a special version of Wixoss, and if they reach a certain number of wins, they will become the “Eternal Girl” and have one wish granted, however, getting that wish granted ain’t as it seems to be.

The trading card game inspired two anime series, with the first one titled Selector Infected Wixoss and the second one being titled Selector Spread Wixoss. More announcements about this movie will be made in the days ahead.

source: Yaraon!