Legendary anime director, Mamoru Hosoda, best known for his unforgettable classics like The Girl who Leaped Through Time, Wolf Children, and Summer Wars, is returning for a new anime movie titled The Boy and the Beast. The first trailer has been released on Toho’s official youtube page.

Toho also started streaming the movie’s second teaser video

Set between the human world and the bakemono realm known as Juutengai, it follows a human boy named Kyuuta who gets trained by the bear-like bakemono named Kumatetsu after he somehow gets lost in Juutengai.

Kyuuta will be voiced by two seiyuus, one for his younger self and one for his adolescent self. Young Kyuuta will be voiced by actress Aoi Miyazaki, who previously voiced Hana in Mamoru Hosoda’s other classic, Wolf Children. Adolescent Kyuuta will be voiced by Shouta Sometani who previously played Shinichi Izumi in the live-action Parasyte movie. He will also be playing Eiji Nizuma in the live-action Bakuman movie. Meanwhile, Kumatetsu will be voiced by veteran Japanese actor, Kouji Yakusho.


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Actress and model, Suzu Hirose meanwhile will be making her acting voice debut as Kaede. The movie’s cast also features the voices of Mamoru Miyano (Steins; Gate’s Rintarou Okabe) as Ichirouhiko, veteran actor Lily Franky as Monk Momoaki, and actor Masahiko Tsugawa as Grand Master.

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This supernatural anime will be produced by Studio Chizu, which also produced Wolf Children. The Boy and the Beast will premiere in Japan on 11 July 2015.

source: ANN