Beauty magazine, VoCE, has something very special for Attack on Titan (Shingeki no Kyojin) fans in their upcoming June 2015 issue. This issue will feature on Hajime Isayama’s globally popular series, by including a Levi make-up tutorial and a special beauty mask inspired by the Colossal Titan.


Levi, one of the series’ most popular characters, is not only featured as the issue’s cover, but is also the subject of a special make-up tutorial. This tutorial will teach people how to use make-up to look like Levi. However, it leans more towards glamorous “wearability” to recreate Levi’s style rather than actually recreating Levi’s actual face. of note, the tutorial gives tips on how to achieve Levi’s signature shadow under the eyes and will certainly be useful to any aspiring Levi cosplayer.


The Kyojin Face Pack, has beauty masks printed with the Colossal Titan’s mien. This facial mask is designed to rejuvenate the wearer’s face, containing a serum with Vitamin C, collagen, and hyaluronic acid to make the wearer’s face even more beautiful and not scary at all, just like the Colossal titan (right?).

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The June 2015 issue will be available on Japanese news stands today, 23 April.

source: Comic Natalie