Saying that “Is it Wrong to Pick-up Girls in a Dungeon” or Danmachi is a huge hit would be a bit of an understatement. The series has reached various heights in popularity all thanks to a little goddess named Hestia, who seems to have taken over the internet as of late.


From screenshots to fan artworks, the adorable little “short stack” goddess seems to have captured the hearts of many fans and has taken over many twitter and facebook pages as well as Pixiv. She’s even taken over Akihabara with several of her “blue ribbons” being sold in some shops.


And thanks to her popularity, the sales of the original source light novels by Fujino Oomori have skyrocketed. The light novels have become so popular that the series’ official twitter page has announced that GA Bunko, which published the novels, have to do “emergency reprints” just to meet the demand.

The series is just at episode 2 and it’s already that popular, huh? The tweet says that the reprints will be released to bookstores around Japan by 30 April. I guess some fans just have to wait a while longer to get their hands on the light novels.