Yo-kai Watch fans rejoice! Because one of Japan’s most popular anime series will be returning for a second season, and it will be premiering this coming July 2015. The announcement was made during the “Level5 Vision 2015 -The Beginning” live streaming event.


The live stream announced two new characters whom will be joining the anime’s cast, and they are Inaho Misora and her partner Yo-kai, USA-pyon. Inaho Misora will be voiced by none other than Aoi Yuuki, who is best known for her role as Madoka Kaname in Madoka Magica. She has also voiced Symphogear’s Hibiki Tachibana and Gosick’s Victorique de Blois. Meanwhile, USA-pyon will be voiced by fashion model and singer, Kotori Shigemoto, who will also be singing the second season’s OP song.


A new model for the Yo-kai Watch, which seems to be going to Inaho Misora, will be featured in this second season, which will also be introducing a new Yo-kai named Pinto Corn.

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Yo-kai Watch is a multi-media franchise which spans not only anime and mangas, but video games and other merchandise as well. The first game was launched back in July 2013 for the Nintendo 3DS and the anime premiering in January 2014, and has launched the franchise into becoming one of Japan’s most successful and lucrative franchises. it became so successful that some people in Japan are now saying that Yo-kai Watch is the true rival to Pokemon.

source: Hachimakikou