Legendary anime director and the man who created Mobile Suit Gundam, Yoshiyuki Tomino, is known as a firebrand in the anime industry and has been known for not holding back his criticisms of several facets of the anime industry from seiyuus to even some of his own works.


With his latest work, Gundam Reconguista in G (G-Reco), being highly divisive not only among the Gundam fandom but also some anime critics, the anime legend finally admitted that the story of his latest work does indeed have several problems as he sat down for an interview with Gundam Ace magazine. In the interview, he gave his own work ONLY 15 points out of 100. Wow, somebody is disappointed and being critical with his own work!

Tomino, however, was satisfied with one thing about G-Reco, and that is the animation as he praised the animators for their fine job of animating G-Reco and even apologized for pushing them too far. He said he liked the “old robot anime” feel of G-Reco, however, he pointed out that amid all the great action scenes and beautiful animation, the story was somehow “lost” and admitted that they miscalculated with the action scenes prevailing over the screenwriting and thus resulting to G-Reco becoming confusing for some.


Tomino also admitted that he did not write the show so it was easy to follow and apologized for it. He also admitted that he did not think it would be “this horrible” and said that the story’s logic was so “overpowering” that the audience was unable to get emotionally attached to some of the characters.

The story did by Episode 19, however, Tomino also admitted that it was too little too late and rushed with a lot of effort to wrap up the anime by Episode 26.

In the interview, Tomino also said that he did believe that he was able to properly convey his message. He added that some of the audience might have only been caught up with the action to get the message of the story, which is the battle for energy, which is the source of many conflicts today.

According to Tomino, G-Reco was supposed to be “happier”, as opposed to some of his works where he got his “Kill’em All Tomino” reputation for being dark with beloved characters dying left and right. However, he did admit he can’t seem to do that properly, and also admitted that he has some “frustration” with those sorts of works. I guess he should stick to his Kill’em All adage, huh?


The legendary director also talked about the animation industry and said that the current anime industry does not provide an adequate outlet for talented animators, such as his staff, whom he said he wanted to keep working for another decade. He also said that animation can’t just be all about pretty girls, pointing out to the current anime industry which seems to be focusing more on moe.

So what do you guys think of Tomino’s interview? Did you like G-Reco as much as he did (which is not at all)?

Source: Yaraon!