Move over Generation Z and welcome Generation X. In the spirit of #SG50, AFA SG 2015 will be holding a one-of-a-kind tribute to Singapore’s pioneers. A special theme cafe called “Pioneer’s meido cafe” will be dedicated to our dear ah mah (obaasan) and ah kong (ojiisan). The look and feel of this new theme cafe will have aunties and uncles as servers dressed in meido and butler uniforms, while serving dishes to our customers in a peranakan restaurant setting.

Of course, a cafe won’t be complete without a range of set menu of food and drinks. Instead of the usual not so healthy meal served in most cafes,   the “Pioneer’s cafe” will serve gluten-free, no trans fats healthy meals! A special dish called “Chin Chai Lah!” will be served at the event. This dish will consist of an array of steamed green vegetables served with a collagen soup.

Singapore, for the longest time, has been known to as a food paradise  and we can’t let our foreign guests be disappointed without serving chicken rice. A healthier take on this national dish will also be made available. Brown rice will be used as an alternative to the usual chicken rice and the chicken will be steamed to perfection!

As in any cafe,  our friendly servers will greet each and every customer “Lai lai, lip lai zeh” (Come in and take a seat) before leading customers to their seats. Before serving any dish, our friendly aunties and uncles will remind us of the proper table manners before eating (jiak jiak!).  Once you have finished with your meal, our attentive aunties and uncles will come to each table to say,  “chia̍h-pah beh” (Have you eaten well?) before clearing your dishes — Talk about tender loving care! After all, ah kong and ah mah will always have our best interest!