Japan is quite famous for their unique Kit Kat flavors, which are not seen in any other country. These flavors range from the popular green tea flavor, which is now exported around the world, to the weird wasabi flavor and the soy sauce flavor.

With the coming Easter weekend, Nestle Japan has revealed a special limited edition flavor – Apple Pie and Carrot


This limited edition flavor was released on 16 March to not only celebrate Easter (which will be this Sunday, 5 March), but also the coming of spring. This flavor was actually created when customers were asked which flavor combination is their favorite, and as it turns out, a lot of Japanese people like the combination of apple pie and carrot. Well, now that is certainly a surprise! Well, at least it’s not something like salmon and garlic Kit Kat or something even weirder, right?


And as it is for Easter, the chocolates themselves have a very Easter theme to them, with the Easter Bunny being featured along with the words “Lucky Easter”. I wonder how they taste like?

Source: nestle