Lotteria has been known in the Japanese fast food industry for their wacky and often weird creations, and this time, they get even weirder as the Japanese fast food chain will be introducing “Shrimpless Burgers”.


Comprised of just a burger bun, lettuce, and tartar sauce, this is one shrimp burger people with seafood allergies can definitely eat! And even though it is named the Shrimpless Burgers, there is a debate of sorts happening as many people are arguing that the Shrimpless Burgers is not a burger at all, but just a simple sandwich. Well, without any actual patty present, why would anyone even call this one a burger, right?

And if you think this is just an April Fool’s joke, then you are dead wrong because they are already being served in Japan.

Marketed with the slogan “It’s good, even without the shrimp!”, the Shrimpless Burgers will cost only 210 yen so it’s a bit friendly to the budget. However, Lotteria has announced that not all their stores will be serving these so-called “burgers”.

source: Gogotsu