With the success of the recently-concluded Parasyte anime series, and the second live-action Parasyte movie premiering this weekend on 25 April, a new meatball dish inspired by the series will be served during a Japanese meat festival event known as Niku Fes Tokyo Spring 2015, and it brings the series’ own creepiness right into the dish


Known as the Migitballs, these meatballs are thankfully NOT the parasytes featured in the anime or the humans they eat, but are made of 100% pure beef. Now that’s a relief, right? However, that fact does not make this dish any less creepy as those eyes (which are only olives by the way) add a lot to its creepiness. It is also served with some demiglace sauce.


Creepiness aside, the director of the live-action Parasyte movies, Takashi Yamazaki, managed to taste these Migitballs and said that despite how creepy they look, they are quite tasty. Well, I think I’ll take his word for it.

These will be served during the Niku Fes Tokyo Spring 2015 at Tokyo’s Komazawa Olympic Park 24- 29 April. It will then head to Chiba’s Aeon Mall makuhari New City from 1 – 10 May 2015. These meatballs will cost 1,400 yen per serving.

source: animeanime