Yo-Kai Watch is currently one of the most popular multi-media franchises in Japan, which is targeted for children. In anticipation of Children’s Day in Japan (29 April in Japan), Bandai’s candy division will be releasing three new sweet treats for kids inspired by three Yo-Kais.


These sweets are called “edible mascots” and will be released on Children’s day itself. Inspired by the series, they are elaborately made and faithfully reproduced by Bandai based on their respective Yo-Kai’s designs. Bandai has yet to announce how much these cute little sweets will cost.


Jibanyan is filled with custard cream and bean paste


Komasan meanwhile has a cream filling


And finally, whisper features a chocolate and bean paste filling.


Ain’t they just the cutest? It seems that it would be a big shame to eat them, but then again, it would be interesting to find out how a Yo-kai would taste like, right?

source: Narinari