Up-and-coming game developer Cauliflower is planning to release a series of special concept otome games (dating sim games for girls), aiming to match the quirky tastes of today’s modern woman. Calling this unprecedented series OBSESSIONS, each game from the series will focus on exploring the charms of one physical feature.


The first game to be released on 31 April is titled Kao no Mori (顔の森), and will be tempting players with the appeals of facial hair. Characters will be sporting various styles of facial hair, from the subtle stubble, to the classic moustache, the eclectic goatee, and even one with a full beard.

Promising to create an authentic experience, the company assures that all of the participating voice actors do have the facial hair their characters sport, so that the voices collected will be as accurate and real as possible. However, the actual cast line-up has been shrouded in mystery, with voice samples and character designs only available for the first two playable characters. They have however promised to release more information and cast interviews before their preorder deadline on 24 April.

Some of the characters include:


32 years old
CV: Shigeo Higemura
Your team leader in the editorial team of a women’s magazine, always turns up at work immaculately dressed and clean shaven, but by 4pm his chin has a five o’clock shadow and his hair is mussed from brushing his fingers through them during moments of frustration.


27 years old
Painter/ Graphic designer
CV: Ryouma Kamimoto
Your frequent collaborators providing visuals for your women’s magazine, he’s a feisty character with a checkered past with an eclectic goatee to match. Abrasive and over-protective of his creative ideals, the guy however melts whenever it concerns his pet tomcat Mouse.

20 years old
University student
Your childhood friend who’s experimenting with facial hair in order to look more mature and appeal to the ladies. But despite his efforts he only manages a skinny pencil moustache.

22 years old
Aspiring singer-actor
Your neighbour who rents the studio apartment next-door, sings jazz at a pub on weekends and goes to auditions on weekdays. You hear him practicing scripts late into the night, which sometimes moves you to tears, or lulls you to sleep. Sports a full beard, which he seems to use to hide his shy personality.