Rovio’s new Angry Birds game, Angry Birds FIGHT!, is taking the war between the birds and the pigs to Asia in Rovio’s new cultural mash-up of a game, which will be scheduled for release this spring 2015.

To help promote the game’s release, Angry Birds FIGHT!, has teamed up with the Harajuku-based teen pop idol group, TEMPURA KIDZ.


The pop dance group, which comprises of one boy and four girls, all of whom are teens, are managed by ASOBISYSTEM and signed with the Sony Music Japan label. They started out as back-up dancers for Kyarypamyupamyu before heading out on their own and releasing their first single, “CIDER CIDER“, back in 2012. They comprise of Yu-Ka, Karin, NaNaHo, Ao, and the youngest and only male member of the group, P-chan. Just in case you were wondering, he’s the one in red.


Now, their latest song, “Suki Suki“, has been chosen as the new collaboration song with Angry Birds FIGHT!. Here is the teaser video for their collaboration, which features all five members in Angry Birds motifs.

This will be the teen pop group’s very first collaboration, and it’s gonna be with such a globally recognized franchise which has also collaborated with big names such as Star Wars, the movie, Rio, and even the NBA, so this is such a huge honor indeed!