In April 2013, DMM and Kadokawa Games changed the face of PC browser gaming in Japan when they released the massively successful free-to-play game known as Kantai Collection. Just a couple of days ago, the KanColle Staff official twitter page announced that KanColle has finally reached the 3 million player mark, just in time for its second anniversary.

When the game was first released back in April 2013, DMM and Kadokawa Games could not have predicted its success today as the game had a slow start. Even with its infamously all-star seiyuu cast and well-known artists doing the character designs, the franchise wasn’t that popular. However, as time went by, the series slowly gained steam and by November 2014, its users comprised approximately 30 – 40% of DMM’s total online game business. Two years on it is now the successful multi-media franchise it is today, with mangas, figures, various merchandise, a PS Vita port, an upcoming arcade game port, and a very successful anime series with an upcoming sequel.


Kantai Collection is also starting a new event for its players, which will begin this 28 April. According to some sources, the event will be a carrier-based event, so to all the admirals out there, ready your bauxites and instant repair buckets.


Before the 28 April event however, there will be a new game maintenance scheduled for 23 April which will add new updates to celebrate KanColle’s second anniversary.