Happy Sunday, or for the Christians observing, hope you are having a good Easter Sunday today! I have a very special photo to share with you today. To be quite honest, I was very surprised when I first saw this person at Akihabara. I did not know there was such an event happening even. I don’t want to keep you guys waiting, so here’s DJ Kazu!


DJ Kazu was performing at Akihabara Gamers yesterday and is performing today as well from 10am to 6pm! He will be promoting his J-Anison Kamikyoku Matsuri CDs at the same time as well! These CDs compile a variety of anison from all series, old and new and mashes them into a non-stop dance mix, so you can enjoy his mixing anywhere you go! I was fortunate enough to say hi to him as well. I’m glad he remembers AFA!

Also, if you would like to see DJ Kazu in Asia again, he will be making an appearance in Anime Festival Asia Thailand, taking place from 30th April to 3rd May! If you’d like to know more of AFATH, check out the link here