Welcome to the Thursday edition of Hige’s Akiba! Today we’ll be checking out a store inside Radio Kaikan, the famous building around Akihabara that was rebuilt! Inside Radio Kaikan, there’s all sorts of stores ranging from electrical appliance parts to your usual anime stores. On the 5th floor next to the Kaiyodo Hobby Lobby is a store that sells all sorts of idol goods called TRIO. It does sell other goods as well for example today’s image.


At the front of the store it has all sorts of posters on sale. These posters are ranging from popular anime series to currently airing anime shows! Currently it has two popular shows at the top of the poster rack, that would be Idolmaster Cinderella Girls and Shirobako! These posters are usually seen on display at other anime stores but you normally can find these posters at the stores near the end of an anime season. There’s lots of good posters for a decent price too! Have you ever bought posters from this store?