Good Smile Company has some great news for collectors of male nendoroids as they have announced the new fundoshi loin cloth accessories for male nendoroid figures, and they can definitely make your male nendos look very very MANLY despite also being cute


Manly indeed! Fundoshis are traditional Japanese male underwear and are often worn by the manliest of characters in many anime series. These new fundoshi accessories are described as “overflowing with chivalrous spirit” and are also “refreshing and relaxing”. They will come in two designs, the traditional Rokushaku Fundoshi and the traditional Etchuu Fundoshi, and both are coming with two colors, “Mysterious White” or “Matador Red”.

kodawari_01 kodawari_02

Here are several GSC Nendos sporting the manly fundoshi look

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There is also a special fundoshi which comes in “precious gold” color, and it is just the perfect accessory for the Nendoroid Gilgamesh. You can start cowering now, mongrels!


And to top it all off, GSC has said that these fundoshi accessories are perfect with ANY male Nendoroid, though I guess the Batman and Darth Vader Nendoroids may be asking the question, “Does it come in Black?”. Now imagine Nendoroid Levi wearing one!



These fundoshi accessories are all part of Good Smile Company’s elaborate April Fool’s joke, and unfortunately, they may not be hitting the market. This ain’t the first time the figure makers have pulled one on 1 April as last year, they have come up with a “life-size” bath figure, which is actually a real girl in a bikini going along with the prank for last year

Source: Kahotan