Yuki Suetsugu’s best-selling Chihayafuru manga series is one of the most successful titles in the Josei genre, and a wrap-around jacket on its upcoming volume 27 (to be released on 13 Apr) comes along with an exciting announcement. The series will be getting a live-action movie adaptation!!


The upcoming ninth issue of Be-Love magazine has also teased that an “important announcement” will be made for the series, and this “important announcement” might just be this live-action movie.


Expect more announcements about this movie, such as the cast, staff, and its premiere date, to be made in the coming days ahead.

Chihayafuru has won several manga awards, including Kodansha’s Best Shouo Manga Award back in 2011. It also inspired two very successful anime adaptations and has since inspired a very loyal following.


Chihayafuru follows the story of Chihaya’s dream to become the best karuta player in Japan. Originally introduced to the traditional Japanese game by the talented Arata Wataya in elementary school, she now wants to join competitive karuta by setting up a karuta club in her high school after reuniting with another childhood friend Taichi Mashima. The story introduces Uta-garuta (poem cards) based on the Ogura Hyakunin Isshu, a style of playing that emphasizes precise memory, quick reflexes and clever strategy.

source: ANN