Akiko Hasegawa, best known to fans as the voice behind the [email protected]’s Miki Hoshii, has announced in her personal blog that she is expecting her first baby soon.


Hasegawa, who announced her marriage last year, shared that she was very happy to be expecting her first child and she had always dreamed of having a baby. Because of her pregnancy, she also announced that she is taking a break from appearing in events despite also announcing that she is already in her safe period. She apologized to her fans who were expecting to see her on stage. This will also mean that she might not be appearing in this year’s THE I[email protected] [email protected] OF IDOL WORLD !! 2015 concert, which was just announced earlier this week. Her marriage was announced in last year’s [email protected] OF IDOL WORLD !! concert


Aside from voicing Miki from [email protected], she also voiced Rena Ashihara from Ro-Kyu-Bu! SS, Akari from Fantasista Doll, and Ruu Narita from Photo Kano. She is affiliated with the agency, ARTVISION, and also has a successful singing career as she has already launched her first album back in 2011.

So to Akiko Hasegawa, we here at AFA Channel would like to congratulate you on your first baby and wish you good luck with your new family!