Nana Mizuki is currently one of the most sought-after seiyuus in Japan today, and she has recently teamed up with Japanese snack company, Calbee once again for a new promotional contest, which offers a life-size wall sticker of her.


77 lucky fans in Japan who enter the contest will be able to win these life-size stickers. As only 77 of them are made, they are very rare indeed and a must-have for any Nana Mizuki superfan, right? Calbee is also offering up Nana Mizuki stickers to 700 people who avail of this same contest.


By purchasing three bags of Calbee Potarich potato chips of any flavor, fans can send the receipts through mail or entering them by using the Recepre smartphone app. If a fan would only want the T-shirt and not the sticker, a single bag of potato chips is enough to enter, but if they really want the life-size Nana Mizuki wall sticker, then they must really send receipts showing at least three Potarich bags purchased. Fans must be able to submit their entries on or before 12 June, which is when the contest ends.


So, what would you want to win? That rare 1-of-77 life-size wall sticker, or that 1-of-700 T-shirt?

Source: Calbee official