Any fan of Japanese seiyuu, Izumi Kitta, would know that she really loves eating Gyouza, and now, the seiyyuu best known for voicing Cordelia Glauca in Milky Holmes and Tomoko Kuroki in Watamote, will be lending her voice for a Japanese city best known for its delicious gyouza.


Kitta will be lending her voice to the city of Utsunomiya, a well-known hot spot for gyouza lovers. Her voice will be featured in the city’s Kibuna line buses , which loops around the city. They are quite well known to locals as they are named after those yellow carp toys, which are also made in the city. Her voice will be featured in these buses starting 23 April until 30 November


Izumi Kitta’s voice will be featured in the Kibuna bus’s PA system as it approached bus stops, tourist spots, and places of interest such as historical spots and restaurants. She will also be voicing bus stop announcements, which will alert awaiting passengers.

The seiyuu is not from Utsunomiya, but is from Tokyo, However, her love for all things gyouza is strong as she has previously performed in the city’s own Gyouza Festival. Heck, her blog’s title even has gyouza in it and is called “Izu-no Gyouza” and has a very strong gyouza presence.

She previously visited Singapore last year during AFA as part of Milky Holmes


source: Ota-Suke