Yoshino Nanjo is a seiyuu known for her quirky habits, such as eating cup noodles with mayonnaise. In this rather comedic commercial which she did for cough drop makers “Halls”, she gets stressed out from voice acting work and meets a rather friendly polar bear who helps her to relax through “Polar Bear Therapy”.

The commercial is both hilarious and adorable but the real question is, how many boxes of Halls mints do you have to buy to get the special polar bear delivery service?

It is definitely not the first time that she has been involved in commercials. Before this she has been involved in an energy drink, Eskappu, as well. This could explain how she stays energetic even with her busy work schedule.

In other news, her new single, Tasogare no Starlight is about to be released on 29 April 2015, and her photobooks have been announced! Are you ready for it?