Bringing “Kabedon” to another level

Have you ever wondered what would be the ultimate Kabedon? Kirin released a new CM for their “Mets”Lychee flavoured drink, and it features performing the highest level of “Kabedon” you’ll have ever seen.

Take a look at the CM below:

The CM features various cool special effects techniques like cool “bullet time” scenes, the trusty green screen and the simple wire harness. Thanks to the techniques the girls can fly across the classroom or walk on the chalkboard to reach their upperclassman and finally destroying a wall with the ultimate “kabedon” all to give their upperclassman a present.

All that excitement in a 15 seconds CM.

Kirin did not just leave us with probably the most exciting CM, they also uploaded the Making-of video to their YouTube channel which features a new song! You can take a look at the hardwork the girls of and staff put into making this CM possible.


Source:, Mets Special Site