The planning and making of GunPla takes time, effort, and skill. So how are these plastic masterpieces actually made? A new promotional video tour of the Bandai Hobby Center in Shizuoka, Japan streamed by shows exactly how much effort it takes just to make GunPla.

Just making one runner mold takes a whole lot of careful planning, detailing, and work, and that takes time and effort. And then there are a lot of tools just for making those fine details that GunPla modelers just love.


They are making a lot of steps, and they are still only working on the molds. The real “magic” begins when plastic is finally injected into these molds to produce the runners all GunPla enthusiasts are familiar with. And these are all being mass-produced.


And you gotta love Bandai, because even their forklifts have a Zaku theme and as featured in the video, their workers sport uniforms inspired by the Earth Federation