nanri yuuka 01

It has been a long three year wait for Yuuka Nanri fans. The singer, who is also a seiyuu and part of Kajiura Yuki‘s FictionJunction vocal project, will be releasing her second album on the 22 April 2015.

To promote the album, Flying Dog has released two preview versions of the music videos of two of the songs in the album. Both songs will be included in the DVD that accompanies the Limited Edition release. The two songs are My Favourite Time ~ sutekina ichinichi and Nukumori.

Singer song-writer Lisa Komine accompanies Yuuka on the piano in the music video for My Favorite Time ~ sutekina ichinichi. This music video was recorded live specially for this album.

Aside from these two songs, the new album will also contain the music video for BLOODY HOLIC, the ending theme for Blood Lad, and Senko no PRISONER which was the opening theme for Magical Warfare. Other anime related songs are Good Luck for You and Mother Land which were both insert songs for Valvrave the Liberator.

source: otasuke, Flying Dog