Tsukasa Hojo’s City Hunter is one of the most successful manga series in existence, with four anime adaptations, three anime movies, one hit Korean drama adaptation, and of course, one Hong Kong action movie starring Jackie Chan. To celebrate the manga’s 30th anniversary, its also getting a new original animation DVD (OAD).


The new OAD will come bundled with the 12-volume “City Hunter XYZ Edition” which will have its first two volumes scheduled for release this 18 July 2015 and will cost 1,720 yen.

Veteran seiyuus, Akira Kamiya and Kuzue Ikura will be returning as the manga’s two beloved protagonists, Ryo and Kaori respectively. The OAD will be a romantic one as it will feature Ryo’s attempts to propose to Kaori

source: Mantan