The first Fairy Tail (FT) movie, Fairy Tail the Movie: Phoenix Priestess was a roaring success when it was first released back in August 2012. The upcoming 25th edition of Weekly Shounen Sunday brought more good news to all the fans of Hiro Mashima’s bestselling shounen manga as they will be announcing that the Fairy Tail anime adaptation will be getting another movie!


The magazine’s cover preview proudly clearly displays the decision to have a second movie, and Weekly Shounen Magazine teases that the magazine will include an image board for the new movie illustrated by the mangaka of Fairy Tail, Hiro Mashima!

Speaking of the 25th edition of Weekly Shounen Sunday, the manga magazine that serialises Fairy Tail, fittingly has Natsu as this issue’s cover. The upcoming issue will also feature not one, but two chapters of Fairy Tail. This will be the fourth issue in a row that the magazine is featuring two FT chapters and teases “the series’ biggest shocker ever! A development you absolutely can’t miss!!”.

No further details have been announced for this new FT movie, such as the staff, cast, title, and release date, so stay tuned to AFA Channel for more news about this story.

source: ANN