The official website for Gatchaman Crowds Insight, the second season for the new generation of Gatchaman, Gatchaman Crowds, has updated its key visual image to include three new characters, who looks like they will be making an impact this new season.


The website also introduced the new villain who joins these three new character. She is Gel Sadra, an alien who crash-lands on Earth and happens to have some sort of evil plan involving the fate of the planet with her. She is voiced by none other than Kana Hanazawa who despite her popularity is no stranger to “evil” roles like Monogatari’s Nadeko Sengoku, Tokyo Ghoul’s Rize Kamishiro, and of course, Akame Ga Kill’s Seryu Ubiquitous who is by far her most hated character by the fans.


Kaori Ishihara, best known for voicing Madoka Kyouno from Rin-ne no Lagrange and Aladdin from Magi, will also be joining the cast and she will be voicing the newest Gatchaman and new partner to main character, Hajime, Sugane Tsubasa.


Finally, Yuichiro Umehara, best known for voicing Ein Yufuin in Cute High Earth Defense Club Love!, will be voicing a mysterious medical student named Rizumu Suzuki, who is leading an organization which focuses on observing the Gatchaman.


Gatchaman Crowds Insight will premiere this July 2015.

source: Gatchaman Crowds official