Ghost in the Shell is celebrating its silver (25th) anniversary with a bang with a new TV edit for ARISE called Alternative Architecture, a live-action Hollywood Ghost in the Shell movie starring Scarlett Johansson, and a new anime move titled Ghost in the Shell: New Movie. And this week, the official Ghost in the Shell Website has started streaming that new anime movie’s latest trailer.

The new video features the song, “Mada Ugoku“, performed by Motoko Kusanagi’s seiyuu, Maaya Sakamoto together with Cornelius, who also composed and wrote the song. The video also announces the movie’s Japanese premiere, which will be on 20 June 2015.


Kazuchika Kise will return as the movie’s chief director with ARISE writer, Tow Ubukata writing the screenplay over at Production I.G. Here is the new ad for the movie found at the JR Akihabara station.