Advance ticket sales for the upcoming love Live! School Idol Movie have now opened in Japan, and it would be understatement to merely mention that the movie is “highly anticipated” as long lines have popped all over Japan late at night, with many fans braving the cold night temperatures just to get their hands on advance tickets.


The image above was taken by @ madoka_love0829 who showed that fans really came early to the advance tickets in Nagoya. A similar scene can also be found in Hiroshima.


Akihabara may be the stronghold for Love Live! fans in Tokyo, also known as Love Livers, but they have also gathered in Ikebukuro just to get some advance tickets.

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TOHO Cinemas was no different either


Namba Park in Osaka also displayed a similar situation as fans braved the cold night and early morning air. The line in Osaka is long, and to get the idea of how long it reached, refer to the image below:

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In our previous article, it was revealed that the movie will be shown all over the world, including Singapore, Hong Kong, South Korea, the Philippines, Indonesia, Malaysia, Vietnam, Brunei, and Thailand, and all these countries have very solid Love Live! fan bases, so be sure that the lines for this movie will be long too!

Source: Nomusoku