With its source manga constantly being featured in New York Times’ Bestseller lists, upcoming monster girl anime, Monster Musume, is without a doubt one of this year’s most anticipated new anime. Monthly Comic Ryuu magazine’s July 2015 issue will be unveiling some of the seiyuus who will be joining the cast, along with a new visual image.


According to some of the leaked magazine scans, Mayaka Nomura (Paradise of Innocence’s Konomi, Rescue Me!’s Sayaka Shimizu) will be voicing the lovable slime girl, Suu, while Haruka Yamazaki (Hayate the Combat Butler!’s Ruka Suirenji and High School DXD’s Aika Kiryuu) will be voicing the “tragic” mermaid, Meroune Lorelei. Finally, the sultry Arachne, Rachnera Arachnera, will be voiced by Sakura Nakamura (Vividred Operation’s Mashiro Isshiki).


In our previous article, it was revealed that Sora Amamiya, Ari Ozawa, and Natsuki Aikawa will also be part of the cast as they will also voice the other monster girls, Miia (a lamia), Papi (a harpy), and Centaurea (a centaur) respectively.

Yatterman Night director, Tatsuya Yoshihara, will be directing this upcoming anime, which will be produced both by Lerche and Seva. He will once again be working with Kazuyuki Fudeyasu, who will be doing the series composition. Fudeyaso previously wrote the screenplay for Yatterman Night.The character designs, meanwhile are done by Tatsuya Sunagawa, while both Tatsuya Sunagawa and Shunji Akasaka will be the animation directors. The anime is scheduled to premiere this July 2015.

source: ANN