TOHO Animation has finally started streaming the very first PV for one of summer 2015’s hottest and most anticipated anime, Monster Musume, or MonMusu in short. The video also previews the anime’s OP song titled Saikousoku Fall in Love, which is performed by Monster Musume’s six main monster girl seiyuus, Sora Amamiya (Miia the Lamia) , Ari Ozawa (Papi the Harpy), Natsuki Aikawa (Centorea the Centaur),  Mayuka Nomura (Suu the Slime Girl),  Haruka Yamazaki (Melo the Mermaid), and Sakura Nakamura (Rachnera the Arachne).

The video also features plenty of ecchi scenes which are may have been responsible for landing the original source manga by Okadayo consistently on the prestigious New York Times Bestseller List. They also released an new key visual for the upcoming anime which will premiere this July.


This popular monster girl manga is written and illustrated by Okayado and follows Kurusu Kimihito, who has been forced into a being a “volunteer” and is now living with a monster girl, a half-human, half-snake lamia known as Miia. Soon enough, more and more and more monster girls follow, like the Centaur named Centaurea and and a harpy named Papi, as well as a slime girl named Suu, a mermaid named Melo, and an arachne named Rachnera.