During the screening of Strike Witches: Operation Victory Arrow (O.V.A.) part 3, it was announced that the anime series which features an alternate history where World War II did not happen and the world is being attacked by the mysterious Neuroi. The series will be having a third season, which features the 502nd Joint Fighter Wing, the Brave Witches


The entire 501st Joint Fighter Wing, aka the titular Strike Witches, have not yet been confirmed for this new anime. However, two Strike Witches members, Sanya and Eila, have been attached to the 502nd. Not much has been announced about this third season, but here are some bits of info about these Brave Witches we are going to be introduced to:

Gundula Rall, over-all commanding officer, from Karlsland (Germany)


Aleksandra I. Pokryshkin, combat commander, from Orussia (Russia)


Waltrud Krupinski, flight officer, Karlsland (Germany)


Edytha Rossmann, flight sergeant, Karlsland (Germany)


Naoue Kanno, pilot officer, Fuso (Japan)


Sadako Shinohara, flight officer, Fuso (Japan)


Nikka Edvardine Katajainen, flight sergeant, Soumus (Finland)


Georgette Lemare, Pilot Officer, Gallia (France)

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The Brave Witches are based in Orussia and are charged as the spearhead of the Eastern Front against the Neuroi. They are also nicknamed the “Breaker Witches” because they would often break their striker equipment in battle, and are often seen as even more reckless than the 501st.

More announcements this new TV anime will surely be made in days ahead.

source: 0takomu