Magical Girl or Mahou Shoujo spin-offs have always been quite popular in the anime industry, with some series, such as the Fate series and School Days, having their own series. And soon Nisekoi will be getting one too! It is called Magical Patissier Kosaki-chan by mangaka, Taishi Tsutsui.


That spin-off manga will be adapted into an anime as it will be featured in the second season’s eighth episode, and it will premiere this 29 May, which means it will be for this week’s episode of Nisekoi:. Team Onodera members, rejoice!


A teaser website just for that very special episode has also been launched, and it features the character designs for this wacky and magical bunch!

Kosaki Onodera

kosaki_m kosaki_n

Rurin (Ruri Miyamoto as a magical rat, Onodera’s familiar)


Chitoge Kirisaki

chitoge_m chitoge_n

Tsugumya (Seishirou Tsugumi as a magical transforming cat, Chitoge’s familiar)


Marika Tachibana

marika_m marika_n

Hondason (Honda-san as a magical talking ferret, Marika’s familiar)


Dr. Maiko