Saekano fans rejoice, because during an event for the popular romantic comedy anime, Saekano: How to Raise a Boring Girlfriend, the anime’s staff has announced that the anime adaptation will be having a sequel! Its official website has also confirmed the good news subsequently.


However, neither the official website nor the event announcement actually mentioned what format the sequel will actually be, whether it will really be a second season to the first anime or a sequel movie. It can also be either in the format of an OVA or an ONA.


But one thing’s for sure though, and that is the fact that Saekano was one of the winter 2015 season’s most popular anime as it took several cliche’ anime tropes and played with them. Heck, their “main heroine” is as “plain” and “boring” as they come, however, she has somehow proven that she is the most popular and “interesting” of the girls in the series and has developed a cult following herself.

Saekano follows Tomoya Aki, an otaku who one day falls for a mysterious girl he meets but has hazy memories of. Inspired by meeting her, he sets out to make a visual novel of his own, with the girl as the inspiration for the main heroine. He recruits popular light novel author, Utaha Kasumigaoka, his sempai and an honor student, and his childhood friend (and typical tsundere), Eriri Spencer Sawamura, as the artist. However, when he finally meets the “girl of his dreams”, he notices that she is “plan” and “boring” with no redeeming features besides from being cute. She doesn’t even have any sort of presence at all and has a personality like watching paint dry, which of course is pretty boring. Her name is Megumi Kato, who would usually be just be relegated to the role of an extra in any other anime, and this just spurs Tomoya to make a “proper heroine” out of her.

source: 0takomu