During the 10th anniversary event for G.A. Bunko, known as G.A. Bunko Festa, it was announced that one of their serialized light novel series, “Hundred”, which is written by Jun Misaki and illustrated by Nitroplus’s Nekosuke Okuma, will be getting itself an anime adaptation.


Dubbed the “ultimate school battle action” science-fiction comedy, Hundred follows the lives of three Slayers, Hayato Kisaragi, Emil Crossford, and Claire Harvey. The three are enrolled in the marine academy city ship, Little Garden, with Hayato having to be the roommate for Emil, with Claire, the strongest Slayer in the academy, challenging him to a duel. Slayers are masters of military arts who wield the power of the Hundred to battle aliens attacking Earth.


The event also announced that Hundred will also be having a drama CD, which will be released this 15 August, and will come bundled with the light novel’s 8th volume. The cast for the drama CD has also been announced in a video shown during the event. This is also the same video which announced the anime.

Hundred Hien
Yoshiaki Hasegawa (Gundam Reconguista in G’s Luan) as Hayato Kisaragi

Hundred Arms Shroud
Rumi Ookubo (Death Parade’s Nona) as Emil Crossford

Hundred Arisuterion
M.A.O as (Brynhildr in the Darkness’ Kazumi Schlierenzauer) Claire Harvey

Hundred Stronghold
Wataru Hatano (Hamatora’s Murasaki) as Fritz Granz

Hundred Fairy Fairy Tale
Mayu Yoshioka (Wake Up, Girls!’s Mayu Shimada) as Sakura Kirishima

Hundred Divine Card
Kaya Okuno (Wake Up, Girls!’s Kaya Kikuma) as Karen Kisaragi

Hundred Strike Beast
Yuka Ootsubo (Kantai Collection’s Ooi and Kitakami) as Latia Saint-Émilion

Rika Kinugawa (newcomer) as Liddy Steinberg
Yui Makino (Gundam Build Fighters Try’s Hoshino Fumina) as Erica Candle
Miyu Matsuki (Hayate the Combat Butler!’s Isumi Saginomiya) as Charlotte Dimandias
Ayaka Imamura (Absolute Duo’s Miyabi Hotaka) as Meimei

The drama CD itself will contain a new story not found in the light novels with the story being written by series creator, Jun Misaki himself.

source: ANN