A special limited edition version of volume 16 of Nakaba Suzuki’s bestselling shounen fantasy manga, Seven Deadly Sins (Nanatsu no Taizai) will be coming bundled with a DVD which will contain the animated versions of nine short stories featuring the series’ main characters.


According to a leaked magazine scan from the 24th issue of Weekly Shounen Sunday, the second OVA for the Seven Deadly Sins anime series will be containing the following short stories:

  • “Muda na Mono Nante Nani Hitotsu” (Nothing is Wasted)
  • “Oshiete Danchou!!” (Teach Me Leader!!)
  • “Zanpan Shori Kishidan Danchō no Jikenbo” (Chronicle of the Leader of the Garbage Disposal Knights)
  • “Diane to Ban” (Diane and Ban)
  • “Naku na, Tomo yo” (Don’t Cry My Friend)
  • “Gilthunder no Shinjitsu” (Gilthunder’s Truth)
  • “Kekka Yokereba Subete Yoshi” (If the Results are Good, Everything’s OK)
  • “Uso to Makoto” (Lies and Truth)
  • “Aibou” (Partner)

The limited edition manga + OVA bundle will be released this 12 August in Japan, and retails for 2,980 yen. This will be the second OVA for the series with the first one being released along with the limited edition version of the manga’s volume 15 this 17 June 2015. The the second OVA will be a collection of short stories, the first one will be focusing on Ban’s past.


source: ANN