During a Rage of Bahamut orchestral concert, it was announced that the anime adaptation for Cygames’ popular smartphone card battle RPG, Rage of Bahamut: Genesis, will be having a second season.


This second season confirmation means that the promise from the final episode’s End Card, which features one of the main characters, Amira, and Bahamut, with a message stating “I’ll be back!”, is true. No whether this means Amira or Bahamut, or both of them will be back is still up in the air at the moment


No further information has been announced during the concert, which means more announcements are likely to be made in the days ahead.

The first season aired back in October 2014 and though many fans felt that it did not have the popularity as it should, it still gained a very dedicated cult following and many anime fans have considered Rage of Bahamut: Genesis to be one of the most underrated anime from last year.


source: 0takomu