In an official statement released by May’n’s staff yesterday announces that her acoustic tour, May’n Road to 10th Anniversary Acoustic Tour 2015「Hang jam vol.2」is being cut short.


It appears that May’n has been suffering from vocal cord polyps for the past few years, but as it was not affecting her work, upon discussion with the doctors treating her, she was allowed to continue performing. However, a recent review with the medical team in late April revealed that she now has polyps on both vocal cords. Although her current condition has not affected her daily life, but if it continues to worsen it will affect her performance. Hence, in order to ensure that May’n continues to present her best form to fans and audiences, the staff has decide to cancel the rest of the ongoing Acoustic Tour.

The cancellation will affect upcoming tour dates in Hyougo (20 May), Osaka (21 May), Fukuoka (24 May), Okayama (25 May), Aichi (27 & 28 May), and Kanagawa (1 Jun). For more details on refunds on those dates, please refer to upcoming news on her official website.

However, at this point, her May’n 10th Anniversary Special Concert at Budokan「POWERS OF VOICE」will still go on as planned on 26 Aug 2015.

In a follow-up statement by May’n herself, she expresses her deep regret and apologies for having to cancel the rest of the acoustic tour. The acoustic tour holds deep meaning to her as it serves as a countdown towards her 10th Anniversary since debut, and she is really sorry that her condition has worsened to point that cancellation was necessary. She further goes on to explain that her condition has been going on for a while, and has been affecting her voice over time. However, she also assures us that instead of waiting for a miracle, she will focus on getting a full recovery, so that she can put forward her best performance for the Budoukan Live.


May’n Road to 10th Anniversary Acoustic Tour 2015「Hang jam vol.2」中止のお知ら