Just after the announcement of the world-wide screening of the Love Live movie, Lantis has just released the preview for the new unit singles. With “MUSEUM de dou shitai” from Printemps, “Saite de Saikou no Paradiso” from Bibi and “Otohime Heart Derabukyuden” from Lily White, the hype for the movie just grew even more!

The styles for the songs suit the theme of the units perfectly. Printemps having a light fluffy song, which is nothing short of pure undulated sweetness. Bibi on the other hand has went for a cool disco-themed song, which definitely adds a unique feel. Lastly, we have Lily White who have their 80s Idol feel that somehow feels nostalgic.

However, for the Love Livers out there, getting this single will not be easy. Due to limited copies going to be released, you have to sign up for a raffle for the chance to buy the single alongside your pre-sale movie tickets. You can check the official site over here, but it will require you to make an account to sign up! The signing up for the raffle is from 11 May to 15 May while the announcement will be on 25 May. So if you feel luck, give it a go!

It’s less than 5 weeks to the Love Live movie, are you excited?