GRANRODEO is celebrating their 10th anniversary with this year with GRANRODEO LIVE 2015 G10 ROCK ☆ SHOW to be held at Chiba’s Makuhari Messe Hall on 24 – 25 October 2015. In an unprecedented move, a special section has been set aside for fans willing to go the actual mile.

There will be three ticket tiers, Premium, Standing and Reserved Seating. The Swimwear-only Premium section is currently limited to female members of their official fanclub “Team Rodeo”. To ensure that ticket holders fully understand their meaning of “swimwear”, the official website also published a simple graphic to explain their dress code:


Premium ticket holders can come in any swimwear of their choice, which includes two-piece bikinis, although they also state that bra-tops and shorts are also acceptable. However, attendees are advised against loose clothing and overly-skimpy swimwear for safety and possible risk of (over)exposure. Also, as temperatures will start to cool in October, attendees are being assured that staff will be taking measures to help keep attendees in swimwear warm, so it is not necessary to bring your own parkas.

As there will be alcoholic beverages available, only adults will be allowed to apply for Premium tickets. Entry will be subject to identification checks against fanclub membership and photo IDs. As the section is very close to the stage, the official announcement also notes that attendees may be captured on live video cameras during the concert.

The dress code illustration has become the subject of some controversy, especially when taken out of context mixed with misleading reports from a number of media outlets. The tempest has been mainly focused on how a provocative dress code is being unreasonably imposed on concert-goers, or how this poses a risk to female attendees. A portion of Rodeoboys (male fans) are also likely to be upset at being excluded from the special Premium section.

However, it is worth noting that a proportion of Rodeogirls (female fans) have been turning up at their concerts voluntarily in bikinis over the last few years (and interspersed among male attendees too), and not just at their summer concerts. Controversial move or not, swimwear is not new to the band nor their fans, and Standing and Reserved section ticket holders are not required to come in swimwear. The special Premium section for G10 will be an opportunity for fans willing to go a little further to be much closer to their favourite band for these lives.

[Edited 30 May]


Dates: 24 & 25 October 2015
Venue: Makuhari Messe Halls 1-3
Premium (Swimwear only) – 9980 yen
*Limited to Team Rodeo members, conditions apply
Standing – 8980 yen
Reserved – 7980 yen

[G10 ROCK☆SHOW 水着限定プレミアムシートの購入をお考えの皆さまへ徹底解説!!]